Classic-to-USB interface

Joachim Thiemann joachim.thiemann at
Thu Jul 26 11:37:57 CDT 2007

I remember at one time I found a company making a device which allowed
you to access files on an attached USB mass storage device (thumb
drive, hard drive etc) from anything with a serial (async or spi)
interface - it would even do the filesystem crunching for you (FAT
only).  Intended for embedded applications (such as data loggers) but
I thought it'd be great for old computers...

Unfortunately, a quick google did not turn up the device, and I can't
remember the name (otherwise it'd be tooo easy of course!)

I found that in general todays embedded chips have features very
similar to what used to be in full-sized home computers - thus all the
peripherals for those interface quite nicely to the old stuff! (well,
except for some of the 3.3V/5V issues...)


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