PS/2 Model 25 repair info?

Jim Leonard trixter at
Sun Jul 29 23:25:31 CDT 2007

I've got an IBM PS/2 Model 25 that I want to put into use as an
infrequently-used terminal using its serial port.  I have a few
questions and was wondering if someone could give me a hand:

- Is there IBM PS/2 Model 25 tech and/or repair specs online somewhere?
  I figured out how to open the back up, but that just gets at the ISA
slots.  I need to get at the floppy drive; I want to know what some of
the 40-pin male connectors are; etc.  Which leads me to my next question:

- The floppy drive is toast.  Can I replace it with any regular 3.5" HD
drive, or is it unconventional in some way?

- The embedded monitor is ailing (it's dim, and white has a bluish tint
leading me to believe that the red and green guns are giving out).  Is
there any way to fix that without jumping through hoops, or is it (no
pun intended) terminal?
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