Imagedisk 1.17

Dave Dunfield dave06a at
Mon Jul 30 14:50:31 CDT 2007

> Dave Dunfield wrote:
> > If anyone can help check out 1.17, that would be much appreciated.
> I am more than willing to help out, except that I don't have any 8" 
> hardware; in fact, the only reasonable testing platform I could offer is 
> my 5160.  Do you have a suggested testing regimen or test suite?  If so, 
> I'd be happy to run it on a known good controller/drive/floppy.

I don't have a set test quite ... I mainly wanted people to be aware that
there is a new version with higher than normal potential for problems - if
you have some disks to do, please give 1.17 a try, then recreate the disks
and verify that they come out usable - if any problems, please let me know

I've run a fair number of images through it now, but it always seems others
have a way of excercising the one little bit that I didn't and finding problems
that slipped by...


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