PS/2 Model 25 repair info?

Jim Leonard trixter at
Tue Jul 31 12:24:21 CDT 2007

Tony Duell wrote:
>> - The floppy drive is toast.  Can I replace it with any regular 3.5" HD
>> drive, or is it unconventional in some way?
> Some PS/2s used a spaecial floppy drive with, IIRC, a 40 pin card edge 
> connecotr which carried both the logic signals and power. The signals 
> were fairly conventional, though, and I might be able to dig out a pinout 
> of the connnector if you need it.

I've bootstrapped the machine using the previous DOS 3.3 on the hard 
drive, MODE.COM, and a serial cable so that I can get software on/off 
the hard drive, but not having a functional floppy drive makes me 
nervous.  But there's no rush (it's functional enough) so whenever you 
get around to it is fine.  And thanks!
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