Fast MBus modules

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Tue Jul 31 23:36:24 CDT 2007

At 7:03 PM -0700 7/31/07, Scott Quinn wrote:
>>  > I picked up a pair of SM91-2's on eBay years ago. They do indeed work in
>>>  an SS20 -- for a while. Then I think the heat catches up with them...
>>>  Every time I installed them (I must've tried singles and pairs) it would
>>>  be fine, I'd go do something else, and I'd come back to a locked 
>>>up machine.
>>I have had the same experience with 80MHz CPUs in my SS20. I finally had
>>to settle for 2x50MHz and some stability instead.
>Hmm- anyone managed to get the SM81s to work reliably in a 
>SPARCstation 20 SMP?
>I have a SS20/2xSM81 as my SMP Sun- haven't used it much yet but if 
>in general they have stability issues I should probably do something 

I've been nice and stable with a pair of SM71's.  What I think would 
be cool to try is a pair of the dual CPU boards for a quad CPU system 
(I think they were 50Mhz).  I ran my SS20 like this for quite some 
time before I upgraded to an UltraSparc based system.

My big problem is with the hard drives, most of my SCA drives are 
7200 or 10k RPM, which tend to run to hot for Sun Pizza boxes, and 
the bearings seem to go out.


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