Anyone know the rotation speed of this FDD?

Fred Cisin cisin at
Sat Jun 9 13:59:36 CDT 2007

On Sat, 9 Jun 2007, Peter wrote:
> I have a Sony MP-F52W-30 floppy disk drive, which I need to replace - it
> semi worked until recently (would read but not write) until I zapped it by
> accident.

Can you repair it, instead of replacing?
There are some double sided Sonys around (check with Tony?) with physical
head damage, but intact electronics.

> It comes from an HP 1650B logic analyzer - does anyone know if
> it's a 600rpm or a standard 300rpm device?

not offhand

> If it's a 600rpm then I've found
> someone who has one but wants a lot for it, otherwise I'm reasonably sure I
> can modify the cable connections to use a standard/modern drive.

Can you change the data transfer rate produced by the controller?

> On the motherboard side, it has a Zilog Z0765A FDC, and I've successfully
> created disks on my PC (using HP's LIFUTIL) that worked on the drive. This
> makes me think that the drive is a standard 300rpm.  Any thoughts?

600RPM at 500K data transfer rate (Sony) is the same format spec as 300RPM
at 250K data transfer rate (PC "720K" hardware)

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