Databooks: keep or toss?

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Sat Jun 9 13:43:08 CDT 2007

   I remember about 1971 collecting a PDP-8 I was going to use to use
for control/data capture on a experiment at Harwell. It struck me then
why supply such cheap manuals with a multi thousand dollar well built
computer system? 
It was obvious that the books would fall apart if used. I had our
repographics people take the books apart, blow them up to A4 and loose
leaf bind them. They used research report archive paper (rot proof, fire
resistant and good for 100+ years) and as a back up microfiched them as

Rod Smallwood


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  >>...paper to self-destruct. Think yellowing, crumbling
  > Umm ... DEC's paperbacks.

Actually, my 1979 onwards PDP-11 handbooks are fine. They're printed
paper which looks slightly glossy and haven't yet started deteriorating
(noticably anyway).

OTOH, my early/mid 70's PDP-11 and PDP-8 books are smouldering

  TTFN - Pete.

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