You *can* get a good deal on ebay

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Sun Jun 10 12:40:52 CDT 2007

At 6:01 PM -0600 6/9/07, Richard wrote:
>I won an SGI Personal Iris 4D/20 (1988!) workstation.  I was the only
>bidder and I picked it up for $40.  The cosmetic condition is

The best deal I've *EVER* gotten from eBay was on my SGI O2 w/270Mhz 
R12k, I got it for $250 BIN when they were still going for close to 
$1k on eBay.

>Are the SGI collectors just out enjoying the nice weather?

With IRIX a dead end, I don't know how much people are going after 
them any more.  My pair of O2's (I also have one with the slowest O2 
CPU) are the most impressive workstations I've ever seen, and I'd 
love to have an Octane 2, Fuel, or Tezro, but unless I get them 
locally for basically nothing I don't see me spending the money to 
get one.  I'm much more likely to spend money on better Sun hardware 
(right now I have a dual 750Mhz Sunblade 1000), as I don't collect 
Unix machines, I want usable machines.  A Unix machine with an OS 
that is no longer actively supported isn't that usable to me.

BTW, I actually prefer my dual 450Mhz Ultra 60 to the Sunblade 1000, 
as it generates a whole lot less heat!  So speed isn't the only 


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