DDC Fixed Head Disks

jd onymouse at garlic.com
Sun Jun 10 15:58:46 CDT 2007

jd wrote:


> IIRC, helium costs less than argon. There's something else about argon that
> makes it undesireable as an inert gas except for welding. What that is I do not
> know.

I hear now that argon now costs less. Have yet to see a price list. (Hello? Air

Not too long ago a 5ft cylinder of 99.995% helium @ 3600psi costs $75.00 plus
whatever deposit and demurrage, and the same cylinder of 99.95% argon @ around
1200psi cost around $100.00. There's much more helium in the cylinder than argon.

I'm sure nitrogen was more expensive. I remember thinking that it was odd that
common nitrogen was so much more expensive than helium.

Sure wish I could find the real price lists. They're somewhere down in the
Jurassic stratum of this "library" of mine.

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