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Mon Jun 11 10:40:50 CDT 2007

>From: jd <onymouse at garlic.com>
>jd wrote:
> >
> > IIRC, helium costs less than argon. There's something else about argon 
> > makes it undesireable as an inert gas except for welding. What that is I 
>do not
> > know.
> >
>I hear now that argon now costs less. Have yet to see a price list. (Hello? 
>Not too long ago a 5ft cylinder of 99.995% helium @ 3600psi costs $75.00 
>whatever deposit and demurrage, and the same cylinder of 99.95% argon @ 
>1200psi cost around $100.00. There's much more helium in the cylinder than 
>I'm sure nitrogen was more expensive. I remember thinking that it was odd 
>common nitrogen was so much more expensive than helium.
As I said before, helium is a waste biproduct of natural gas. Nitrogen has 
to be
extracted from an air mix. Nitrogen and oxygen boil at almost the same 
to separating them is expensive. They usually burn off the oxygen first then
condense the nitrogen, what remains is mostly argon. Things like CO2 freeze
out early.

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