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  We have friends in the mid west (Mason City). They also seem to cover
vast distances to get anywhere at all. From their description of the
weather, the favored modes of transport are stagecoach in the summer and
dog team in the winter. Railroads are apparently ok so long as there are
no Indian raids! (sorry about that!). I think the lake ports shut in
winter. My rule of thumb used to be if I can't lift it its not

Its not like the old days at DEC. If you wanted to send something
(anything) to DEC Maynard say. You put it in the car took it down to the
DEC shipping section at London Heathrow. They would find a box, pack it,
label it up and that would be that until next morning when they would
ring you to say your package had arrived at Logan and would be by the
addresses desk when he got into work. (Around midday UK time). The same
thing worked in reverse.

One day I asked the shipping manager how things did not get held up in
customs. He said "Digital is the largest employer in Massachusetts and a
major contributor to the state economy" 

That reminds me of another story. One day they ran out of parking space
at the Mill. So they decided to fill in part of the mill pond to make
more space. The Maynard town council said "Heritage site no you can't"
Ken Olsen said "don't worry guys I'll call the Mayor". The Mayor said
"Heritage site no you can't" Ken said "ok Mr Mayor if you look out of
your window in about two hours you will see the first of the moving
trucks relocating every DEC site in the town elsewhere. The Mayor said
"OK if you look out of your window in one hours time you will see a
fleet of council trucks loaded with dirt coming to fill the pond in for
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On 6/12/07, Rod Smallwood <RodSmallwood at> wrote:
> > 'has 1 cubic meter of volume and the first 1000 kilos'
> That seems to be a lot of weight in a small space.

Last time I checked, water was 1000 kilos per cubic meter, so the base
charge seems to be centered around the density of water.

> Port to port is less of a problem for me as the UK is that much 
> smaller than the US.
> I can get to most of the UK ports in an hour or two.

Indeed.  Being in the mid-west, we don't think about ports much.  I can
drive to NYC in under 14 hours.  Boston is farther.  I think the closest
Atlantic port, drive time, would be Baltimore at around, IIRC,
9 hours.  Lake Erie ports are close (2ish hours), but would almost
certainly require a shifting of the load to another vessel at an
Atlantic port somewhere.


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