networked games 1972 to 1988

Glen Slick glen.slick at
Tue Jun 12 16:02:16 CDT 2007

Anyone ever see a game that I think was called "Monster" that ran on a
Tektronix vector storage terminal around the late 1970's time period?
I believe it was hosted on a Honeywell mainframe they had a UAA (AK).
>From what I remember the player was randomly positioned somewhere in
2-D space, along with various "monsters" and suns and black holes and
maybe anti-gravity objects.  You input angle and velocity from your
position and tried to hit the monsters and it would plot the
trajectory around and into the various objects.  It was one of the
first computer graphic games I ever saw and it was pretty cool at the
time, although pretty simple as I think about it now.


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