networked games 1972 to 1988

Andrew K. Bressen akb+lists.cctech at
Wed Jun 13 00:27:07 CDT 2007

>> 1973 (Fall)  - Empire II on the PLATO system
>>        not networked, but a wide-area multiplayer action game from
>>        graphic terminals
>>        did not clock like a modern game; players called for their own
>>        screen updates manually

der Mouse <mouse at Rodents.Montreal.QC.CA> writes:
> I played 0empire on PLATO sometime around '77 or so, and that
> description is not quite right for the game I played: you could ask for
> an update manually (and usually did, especially during firefights), but
> if you just let it sit, it would refresh on a timer every once in a
> while (five seconds? I forget).

Oh, yeah, eventually it would redraw if you didn't call for it. 
But knowing when not to tie up the line with a redraw was a key game skill.

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