Strange VT50 Decscope

Rod Smallwood RodSmallwood at
Wed Jun 13 02:28:53 CDT 2007

Yes definitly existed.. 
Same case as a VT52. 
Difference may have been 

	a) 12 x 80 
	b) Uppercase only 
	c) 20mA only.

Rod Smallwood 
DEC Terminals Product Line 1973

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>> Are there any former DEC employees (or anyone else) here who have
ever seen or heard of anything like this? 

Richard said:
>I saw one of these for sale on ebay recently, advertised as a VT52.

This is the one that was on ebay.  It was listed as a VT50.  It also
came with the VT50 engineering prints and a VT50 manual.


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