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On 14/06/2007 08:39, der Mouse wrote:

>> You'd end up with collisions, undetected by the transmitters, and I
>> don't know if 10baseT transmitters can handle that.

> They must be able to at least tolerate it without frying; that's
> basically what you get if you connect two hosts with a straight cable -
> or a host and hub with a crossed cable - so there'd be a lot of toasted
> hardware if it weren't at least relatively harmless.

Of course --  in my eagerness to reply I forgot that minor detail!

>> Anyway, what you're suggesting would connect all the Tx pairs
>> together (A to B, then B to C).
> Doh!  Of course.  Oh well.  So much for cheap pseudo-token-ring
> Ethernets. :-/

You can still do it, so long as you write something to handle the tokens 
and avoid things like TCP handshaking.


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