Simulated CP/M-68K?

Ensor classiccmp at
Thu Jun 14 23:12:34 CDT 2007


  >....asked if there is a simulation of CP/M-68K running under Unix.

I've not looked too deeply at this yet, but take a look at:

It's for Windows and I don't know what hardware it emulates outside of the 
68k processor, but it could probably be pursuaded to run CP/M-86K. The 
source code is there as well as the Windows executables....

  >....There are a few simulated 68K systems in MESS, but none of them
  >ran CP/M....

Hmmm, it's far too early in the morning and I've been up for almost 37 hours 
straight (damn insomnia, hits me every 14 days or so)....but....there's 
something tickling the back of my brian about the Atari ST.

I really *should* still know this for sure; the ST ran "GEM" on top of 
"TOS", I'm fairly sure that "TOS" (pretty much) = CP/M-68K. In fact, ISTR 
briefly using my ST via a CLI at one point, though the "command shell" was 
not supplied with retail amchines, rather it was one of the goodies supplied 
with Atari's so called "developer kit".

BTW Birmingham's been in the middle of a monsoon for the last six 
hours....if this continues they'll be able to open a port at the end of my 
road.... :-)

  TTFN - Peet.

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