Strange VT50 Decscope

Rod Smallwood RodSmallwood at
Fri Jun 15 17:42:32 CDT 2007

   I vaguely remember a rumour about a cheap kit terminal to go with the
Heathkit LSI-11.
The boards are that paper based stuff you see in consumer electronics.

Rod Smallwood

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>From: Vincent Slyngstad
>A friend of mine who is a former DEC employee once told me a war story 
>about being given a "prototype" terminal to take home.  He said the 
>PCBs were thin, and kind of flexible, like the cardboard sheets in the 
>back of a tablet of paper, and the thing was very tempermental -- even 
>after you got it working again the MTBF was in hours.  He said he 
>eventually threw the accursed thing away.
>I wonder if this is one of those?
>    Vince

It definitely sounds like one of these, except that the guy said he used
this one for about 6 years.  I have posted more pictures of this odd
terminal.  The board in the back is warped and kinda flimsy looking.
Check out the pictures:


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