Anyone have a Teleram T-3000?

Evan Koblentz evan at
Sat Jun 16 13:05:44 CDT 2007

Definitely worth that much.  I sent you a private reply as well, with
more information.
- Evan

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Subject: Anyone have a Teleram T-3000?

Any idea what a Telram T-3000 might be worth?  Ran across a guy that 
had 4 or 5 with original boxes, looking for me to make an offer.  I 
think he was looking for $200 or so each, which seemed a bit high to 
me, but I really have no clue, and I didn't want to miss out if they 
really are worth that kind of $$.
Not sure how old your post was that I googled, but you might have a 
better idea than I.
Thank you!

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