Inside old games machines, was: Re: Simulated CP/M-68K?

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Mon Jun 18 08:19:57 CDT 2007

> > J11, no, but I know some of the games like APB and Paperboy used a T11.
> Interesting.  I'll have to track down the schematics to Paperboy.  My
> brother was quite good at that one, but I never played it much.
> It'll be interesting to compare that CPU board design to some of the
> other stuff of the era to see if they came up with any clever tricks.

I was always puzzled about the choice (once I knew what a T11 was). Other
than that, it's a 6502 and POKEY and "other stuff" on boards of that
generation, which you would expect from Atari, but not a T11.

Memory is coming back about other games -- 720 and Super Sprint were others.
This was before they went to the 68K for Xybots, Gauntlet, etc.

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