NorthStar Horizon Case Cover Replacements

Andrew Lynch lynchaj at
Mon Jun 18 16:35:13 CDT 2007



I noticed in another cctech mailing list thread about the NorthStar Horizon
case cover replacements.  Recently, I procured a NorthStar Horizon which is
missing its original wooden case cover and I was looking to either buy an
original replacement or make a new one.


I did not get a lot of responses to my queries on other forums for a
replacement wooden case cover so I am considering fabricating my own.
Apparently, it is common for Horizons to have lost their wooden covers over
time for many reasons and others have done what I am considering.


Has anyone built replacement NorthStar Horizon case covers before and would
be willing to build more?  They do not look terribly sophisticated to build
provided you have access to a table saw and the proper bits.  I was planning
on just copying the dimensions from another Horizon wooden case cover I
already have.


If anyone has a spare NorthStar Horizon wooden case cover, has built new
ones, or knows how to build a replacement, I would certainly like to hear
from you.  Please email me or post here.


Thank you in advance.


Andrew Lynch


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