FW: Open VMS Hobbyists Disc

Rick Murphy rick at rickmurphy.net
Wed Jun 20 05:23:08 CDT 2007

At 09:05 PM 6/19/2007, Rod Smallwood wrote:

>    The above disk having arrived (new version 7.3) I managed to install
>VMS on both VAXes with out any problem.
>In order to install the other items first the disk has to be mounted.
>Again no difficulties. I can list the directories and see their
>@SYS$UPDATE:VMSINSTAL invokes the installer, again normal.
>It then asks I'm satisified withthe backup of the system disk (Default
>Next it wants the location of the distribution so I say
>Finally it needs the product code. So TCPIP051 to that (they specify the
>It then says it cant find the product.
>Answers please!

You can do it entirely from the command line:

$ @sys$update:vmsinstal tcpip051 dka100:[tcpip_vax051.kit]

The VMS distribution CDs usually have the savesets in the [.kit] 
subdirectory. If you don't see tcpip051.a in that directory, it's a 
PCSA install and you'll need to use PRODUCT INSTALL to install it. The 
release notes should provide pretty explicit instructions.

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