Massbus simulation

Brad Parker brad at
Wed Jun 20 20:18:42 CDT 2007

Guy Sotomayor wrote:
>I hope so because this is going to be a lot of work.  :-)  Not only do I 
>have to do the hardware design (and fab) but also have to write the 
>verilog for the FPGA and a resonable amount of code on the uC.

It wasn't that hard for unibus.  I don't know much about massbus,
however, that might be a lot harder (no doubt).

My first cpld version had the cpu doing all the work and that put a big
load on the cpu; but it does do dma in both directions and can generate
interrupts.  I got it to boot rt-11 via a simulated rl02.

I've since redesigned the cpld to take some load off the cpu. But work
has gotten in the way of progress.  It is nice to use a cf disk,
however, as a backing store.  very simple and easy to update.  I just
made a simple 4 layer quad width board; I used a split power plane with
half the board at 5v and half at 3.3v; the cpld I used has 5v tolerant
i/o.  for the cpu I used an atmel sam7s, which is my current favorite
arm7 cpu.

I hope to get back to it this summer.


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