Article on The Rgister: Keyboards in dishwashers.

woodelf bfranchuk at
Thu Jun 21 16:22:15 CDT 2007

Tony Duell wrote:

> Next she'll be telling you that the oven is for cooking food, and not, 
> say, for baking out transoformers, curing enamel paint, etc

I use it store my frying pans.

> -tony
PS.  Food is stuff you eat beside your COLA.
(Wait that is for programmers -- hardware people have not been
that stereotyped yet. :) )

I think a lot a people need to learn the proper way
to clean a good keyboard. $5 keyboards you can hand to
the gorilla at the zoo and get it back better than
what I expect a dishwasher do to your inside of the keyboard.

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