Caig ProGold / Stabilant 22

Tim Shoppa shoppa_classiccmp at
Thu Jun 21 17:46:07 CDT 2007

Al Kossow <aek at> wrote:
> The wisdom of using this stuff was being discussed on another mailing
> list, so I thought I'd see what people knew about it. I suspect it is
> similar to this:
> There seems to be almost nothing on the web about what the Caig stuff
> actually is. Materials safety data sheet lists ingredients as 'trade secret'
> Reasonable discussion of the Stabilant stuff in patent #4696832

For a lot of purposes I like Caig DeoxIT. It's definitely better
than the old "tuner cleaners" in terms of being more than a short-term
fix. There's a long catalog of Caig products and I don't think there
are as many actual applications as they have product variants :-).


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