Caig ProGold / Stabilant 22

Dave McGuire mcguire at
Fri Jun 22 01:15:29 CDT 2007

On Jun 21, 2007, at 6:46 PM, Tim Shoppa wrote:
>> The wisdom of using this stuff was being discussed on another mailing
>> list, so I thought I'd see what people knew about it. I suspect it is
>> similar to this:
>> There seems to be almost nothing on the web about what the Caig stuff
>> actually is. Materials safety data sheet lists ingredients as  
>> 'trade secret'
>> Reasonable discussion of the Stabilant stuff in patent #4696832
> For a lot of purposes I like Caig DeoxIT. It's definitely better
> than the old "tuner cleaners" in terms of being more than a short-term
> fix. There's a long catalog of Caig products and I don't think there
> are as many actual applications as they have product variants :-).

   DeoxIT comes highly recommended in the metrology world as well.   
I've not had any luck finding it...where do you get yours, if you  
don't mind my asking?


Dave McGuire
Port Charlotte, FL

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