What are the really unusual or weird computers?

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Mon Jun 25 11:53:55 CDT 2007

On 24/06/07, Michael B. Brutman <mbbrutman-cctalk at brutman.com> wrote:

> Single Level Store:
> - The operating system and all user processes share a single large
> address space.
> - There is no filesystem: every database table, user profile, etc. is
> addressed by a pointer in this very large address space.
> This seems insane, but it works.  There are a few things that make it
> work better:
> - database tables, user profiles, etc. are all well defined data
> structures.  They are referred to 'objects', although I don't really
> think it is object oriented.
> - There is a lot of pointer checking going on to prevent overruns and
> accessing data that isn't yours.
> - Pointers are 'tagged' by the operating system to indicate if they are
> legitimate (ie: blessed by the OS and secure).  If a user somehow
> manages to change a pointer in a non-blessed way, the 'tag' is lost.
> The old 48 bit CISC architecture (IMPI) was quite a weirdy compared to
> modern architectures.

Whooo! Now that is odd.

Are there any emulators for these things knocking around, or are they
still too commercial?

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