Best solvent to remove sticky tape residue.

Doc Shipley doc at
Mon Jun 25 22:44:25 CDT 2007

Mr Ian Primus wrote:

> But yeah, WD40 will take it off. Just don't use it on
> plastics. I've never had a problem using it on painted
> metal, but I've heard that it can take paint off if
> used too long. The basic trick with solvents is -
> start with a little, and do it quickly.

   My father was a car dealer in the '50s in Texas, where a few years in 
the sun can completely chalk the paint job.

   He says it was common practice among used car dealers to polish such 
cars with brake fluid.  It would really restore the shine, right up till 
two weeks later when the paint started scaling off.

   Back on topic, it's amazing what a toothbrush or a soft tile brush 
will do with some good dish soap and water.  And lots of elbow grease, 
of course.


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