[RESULTS] Re: Best solvent to remove sticky tape residue.

Austin Pass austin at ozpass.co.uk
Tue Jun 26 15:28:20 CDT 2007

On 26/6/07 17:56, "Austin Pass" <austin at ozpass.co.uk> wrote:

> Peanut butter and melted butter?  Are we into the realms of pulling my leg
> now perchance, or perhaps an anti-SGI stance keen to turn my crimson into a
> squashed picnic? ;-)
> I'll have a crack at it with naptha first, and then a little WD40, all on
> inconspicuous areas*.
> -Austin
> * Although finding an "inconspicuous area" on the 3 foot cubed bright red
> beast is, perhaps, a contradiction in terms!

Well, I've tried what I had available and the results are as follows....

1) I tried WD40, naptha, peanut butter and sunflower oil (closest I had to
canola) on the rear of the wheel cover skins.  No harm done, so on with the
experiment.  I'm going to clean the smaller front door.  It's the most
scuffed part, and easy to remove for pictures.

2) Here's the crud to start with (caution, all images 1024 x 768):


3) I divided the sections into four (with insulation tape - oh the irony!),
and decided what would go where:


4) The PB and oil in place (didn't want to leave the naptha or WD40 on long
enough for photography):


5) "Scrubbed" each section with a soft cloth, here are the results:


And what are the results?  In order of how effective they were at cleaning
the crud:

1. Naptha - excellent, all crud removed easily.
2. WD40 - not great, changed composition of sticky crud but still adhering
to case.
3. Sunflower oil - if I had muscles like the governator this might remove it
in 3-4 years of constant scrubbing.
4. Peanut butter - save it for the sandwiches.

And before you all weigh in, this is 20% science, 80% tongue-in-cheek.  I
can confirm that for my given situation naptha is far and away the most
effective cleaner though.


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