The late, great TRS-80

Chris M chrism3667 at
Thu Jun 28 18:19:43 CDT 2007

>>  Are your capacitors oozing out all over the place?

>You mean the motor run capacitors in the TU56? Not
>yet. I guess that'll
>be a joy for the future :-)

 Umm, were in the p/s I guess. I don't know enough
about that stuff to know what subsystem they belonged
to, all I remember is they were biggish. Not quite
coke can sized, but biggish.

>> Me too, but if you want to get technical, off the
>> shelf should be taken literally (w/argument). I

>As a silly example, I would say my lathe was an
>off-the-shelf model, in
>that it's one of the standard configurations. But I
>doubt it's ever been
>on a real shelf (it would have to be a darn strong
>shelf :-))

 I guess even a literal interpretation of the term is
itself open to interpretation. When I did say
"literally" OI I didn't mean *that* literally. Just
that you could pull it off of *thinking* something and
leave with it. But generally you're right, the term is
usually applied in the same way as "standard
configuration". Availability just might be somewhat
inherent in the term also.

>> I really don't see this love of colour or
>> graphics....
>>  So you're not an art lover of any sort either?

>Actually, not really. I find beauty in fine
>engineering, electrical and

>And if I did care to look at a painting, I would not
>be satisfied with
>seeing it on a computer display. I have never seen a
>computer display
>with sufficient resolution or colour performance for
>this sort of thing

 Well, it's questionable to even compare computer
*art* w/real art, but it did sort of cut to the heart
of the issue (and I imagined what your response turned
out to be :). But I think most of us were
amazed/gratified the first time we saw *photo
realistic* graphics on a computer screen. The ability
is (was) in itself amazing.
 I guess the fascination has to do with the ability to
manipulate (store, alter, transmit, etc.) that sort of

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