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Chuck Guzis cclist at
Sat Mar 3 19:44:15 CST 2007

On 3 Mar 2007 at 15:35, Fred Cisin wrote:

> > > Are there ANY 30 year old computer companies that didn't? [use 8"]
> > > (not counting "consumer electronics" companies :)

A few--very few--companies skipped the 8" drive phase.  We never 
bothered at Durango (started 1976).  As a result, rather than use the 
SA-400, we opted to go with Micropolis and started out with the SS 
100 tpi 5.25" (1015?).  It wasn't a lot of fun--you'd think that 
5.25" drives would have all of the problems ironed out from 8" drive 
experience, but that wasn't the case.  Our first systems were 
delivered in 1978, I think.    The Micropolis drive wasn't built on a 
casting, but used a fairly heavy (1/8") steel plate as the base.    
Back then, there were also several different clamping arrangements--
and connection was via a single-in-line header instead of the 34-
conductor edge connector.

I think the early Sony 3.5" drives used a 26-pin header arrangement 
to answer someone else's question.


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