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Adrian Graham binarydinosaurs at
Sun Mar 4 17:09:21 CST 2007

On 4/3/07 03:26, "Tony Duell" <ard at> wrote:

> The BBC micro has 10 red function keys, as did some Archimedes machines.
> IIRC ,the A3020, bein designed for schools (where the Beeb was common)
> had the same red keys, the A3010, a home machines (with the same main
> PCB, just with different options fitted) had bright green function keys.

Also the Amstrad CPC464, 472 and 664, Enterprise 64 and 128, Tatung
Einstein, most Amigas (I can only see an A4000 from here), the original
Memotech MTX had bright blue function keys but they were dropped from the
production run, the Exidy Sorceror has darker cursors etc and I remember
using a keyboard on the ACT Sirius 1 at college that had a load of bright
coloured keys on it but I can't remember if it was an ACT product or not.

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