compucolor II on ebay

Chris M chrism3667 at
Mon Mar 5 10:41:16 CST 2007

--- Chuck Guzis <cclist at> wrote:

> On 5 Mar 2007 at 8:19, Chris M wrote:
> >  Is this new or old? 
> Depends on your definition.  The keyboard's a
> made-in-Germany Cherry 
> (probably one of the best brands out there if you
> can find one).  Too 
> many years ago (maybe 15), one of the office
> supplies places sent out 
> a bunch of small boxes with a "Panic" keytop (a nice
> double-shot one) 
> inside with some sort of gimmick advertising
> message.  I noted that 
> the key would fit my Cherry keyboard perfectly, so I
> replaced the 
> "SysReq" key with it--heaven knows, they key isn't
> used for much on 
> Windoze.

 But you could always just steal your wife's nail
polish for tricks like that. Regardless I never knew
you to be a psyk modder...

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