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Mon Mar 12 16:08:14 CDT 2007

On 12/03/07, woodelf <bfranchuk at> wrote:
> Jules Richardson wrote:
> > Rob wrote:

actually I think it might have been Tony who said:
> >
> >>> [1] Maplin, the company, are still going, but their range of components
> >>> is a joke. They now mostly sell electornic toys, Lo-Fi, etc.
> So who sells Hi-Fi that you can afford?
> Well the UK still for the moment makes the best speakers -  Lowthers.

That I don't know 'owt about...

I think it says somthing of their current target audience type that
their newest stores are all in big edge-of-town retail parks..

> >> Tell me about it... I cleaned out two stores this weekend to get
> >> enough 33uF 25V electrolytics for a repair I was doing... hardly
> >> exotic, I thought, but the total quantity between two stores?  Five!
> The key word here is *Repair*.

Quite.. this was a rescued linksys wireless router.. they are prone to
failing with  to bad caps in the switch circuits.  So 55p ($1) of
components later and it's working again..  (mostly.. the adsl side is
still playing up.)   I'm not up to Tony's level of getting dirty with
circuitry, but when it's that simple a fix, I'll do it.  I think
though even I am in a minority here.. most people would just chuck it
and buy a new one..


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