HP items on Gov Liquidation 2645A 79XX Disk / Tape

Jay West jwest at classiccmp.org
Tue Mar 13 14:02:16 CDT 2007

Glen wrote...
> 2645A (bad screen rot)
Oh wow, I thought my DG "E.T. head" terminal had the worst case of that I'd 
ever seen... this one gives it a run for the money!

> 7900? disk drive
Yup, it's a 7900A that's externally in good condition. These drives are 
becoming somewhat rare.

> 1631D
Looks like a good set of pods with it!

> 7980 tape drive
I recognize the particular green tag on top. It means "sent in to repair 
depot" (a repair depot in the military, not to HP). It may mean the device 
was awaiting repair and was never repaired. It may mean the device was 
repaired and never returned.


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