SWTPC craze

Brent Hilpert hilpert at cs.ubc.ca
Tue Mar 13 21:55:45 CDT 2007

Richard wrote:
> Clearly SWTPC is a brand that is just as desirable as CompuColor.
> ebay Item # 190088674069
> CT-64 terminal with minor case damage and no matching monitor.
> 12 bids, closed at $625.25
> Another item out of my price range...

Granted that as many on the list have said, one can't take ebay prices as
generally indicative but: holy smokes!

I picked a derelict/beat-up CT-64 out of the surplus/discard pile about 10
years ago. Cleaned up and rewired it's in excellent condition.

I know you're interested in anything terminal, Richard, but I have to say from
a strictly functional perspective you're not missing anything. The display on
those things isn't exactly rock-solid. I don't think it's just the unit I
have, rather that the timing is derived from multiple independant RC circuits.
Which probably makes it interesting from another perspective...

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