Introduction And Questions About Media Preservation

Doug Jackson doug at
Tue Mar 13 23:22:49 CDT 2007

 >Cool to me it was like catching time in a bottle. Getting to the files 
 >I worked with perhaps will bring me back in a small way to those days. 
 >You never know how much you miss something till its gone. I really did 
 >not appreciate those early awkward days until much later in life.

Yep,  I recently brought back to life a Z80 based "Pulsar Little Big 
Board" STD bus CP/M system - It was surprising the lack of bit rot that 
the system had suffered since 1986, when I moved to my shiny new XT.  In 
any case, there were all of my old projects in all of their glory - That 
got me going, and I spent an entire weekend moving data from various 
older archive format (from 360K 5.25" disks, to QIC-02 tapes) onto 
spinning platters...  I found huge numbers of projects from firms that I 
worked for that no longer exist - And even remembered that I was 
actually paid (in $$$) to write pascal code...

Never would have believed that!

Backups are much more regular now days, and all onto optical media - as 
well as onto raid disks, so it is unlikely that they will be lost again.

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