Austin, Texas Computerworks Goodwill

Zane H. Healy healyzh at
Thu Mar 15 14:35:38 CDT 2007

> When I moved to Austin a couple years ago, I had high hopes.  In the San 
>   Francisco Bay area, you could spend a saturday hitting half a dozen 
> Goodwill's, looking for gems.  Sometimes they appeared, often not.  In 

It has been years since I've seen anything at any of the local Goodwills
that resembles a "Classic Computer" here in Oregon.  The best chance would
likely be the "Stab and Grab" store, which is a big warehouse where they
bring out massive bins, and people fight over the contents.  I'm not kidding
about the fighting either, when they bring out a new cart it's vicious. 
Within five minutes or less, anything that wasn't trash, typically is.  I
hate the place, but occasionally my wife drags me in there, though even
she's basically had it with it, in part because the feeding frenzy really
isn't safe to be around.

The interesting thing about this "Stab and Grab" store is that it is where a
majority of the book donations in the Portland area (if not Oregon) end up. 
They go into some secret (hidden) room, which isn't open to the public, and
they sell them online.

Don't even get me started on how they treat records, or the fact that you
can often buy new stuff cheaper than the stuff Goodwill is selling!  Yes, I
have come to hate the stores.


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