Craigslist was Re: Austin, Texas Computerworks Goodwill

George Currie g at
Thu Mar 15 15:28:38 CDT 2007

Chris M wrote:
> my guess is there is usually always someone within a
> 30-60 mile radius of where you live that is willing to
> pick up something oldt.
>  Out of curiosity, who has p/u'd or bought something
> vintage on Craigslist. I don't make a point of looking there.
You do find the occasional item on CL.  I think a lot of the people who 
were frequenting the *.forsale newsgroups that are now pretty much dead 
are turning to CL to avoid ebay.  Probably the most exotic thing I've 
seen so far is a Canon Cat.  Ads for things like old Atari's, 
Commodores, i.e. your more common classic items are not that uncommon.  
There was a person trying to sell their 5150 IBM PC, but it was the 
newer MB and had a 10GB hd installed, but they were still asking several 
hundred dollars (IIRC ~$400-$500).  Even after I emailed them they still 
continued to post it at that price.  So generally I'd say that it's 
worth keeping an eye out, esp since the prices _generally_ are better 
than ebay.


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