Austin, Texas Computerworks Goodwill

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> Why did I stop by there instead of using ebay or craigslist?  Lack of
> time.  I knew I was going to be driving past, so I put a few machines in
> the trunk of my car that I knew I'd never have time for, or were
> duplicates.  If it hadn't been for the unpleasant experience and detour,
> my incremental time cost would have been ten minutes, total, for the
> three machines.
> Ebay: Putting up a listing for ebay, along with appropriate sized decent
> photos, finding boxes, and packing appropriately (which takes a lot of
> time for heavy items), the email exchanges, answering questions, running
> to the post office -- 1-2 hours per item, I'd say.  I will ebay things
> that are easily packed, or for which I expect a multi-hundred dollar
> sale price.
> Craigslist: I scan it pretty often, but I rarely see anything remotely
> interesting (from a vintage computer standpoint).  The few times I've
> tried inquiring on items (not vintage), I don't get a reply, and the
> couple times I helped my wife sell something, it hasn't been worth the
> hassle of coordinating with unreliable people.

The funny thing is that the people with the items you like to collect have
the same attitude, so anything not easily shippable gets recycled. I don't
like shipping items either, but I keep a few boxes around from things I get
so that if I do want to help somebody out with an item I don't have to run
around to find boxed and packing material.

The only thing I seen on craigslists that I wanted was a Supermac
DigitalFilm card with cable, breakoutbox, and SCSI card for 68K Macs for
free, but somebody had snagged it by the time I seem it.

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