ftp archives disappearing?

Hex Star hexstar at gmail.com
Sun Mar 18 15:06:06 CDT 2007

On 3/18/07, Jim Leonard <trixter at oldskool.org> wrote:
> There is a curmudgeon-y vibe to most old computer restorers; they make
> things available online, but get mad when people leech the entire site.
>   I don't understand that mentality, because doing so ensures another
> offline backup.  Saying that people should only take one or two things
> as needed doesn't help when the site suddenly goes away due to illness
> or death, especially if it was the only repository for certain things.
> There will never be one giant repository for this stuff, so it is vital
> everyone mirror what they can.
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Exactly, that is my point that these people with their archives
unfortunately don't seem to understand and is the very reason why I want to
backup the files :-( ...like there's one archive that has many many GBs of
stuff, but the server is in asia and thus download speeds are slow and to
make matters worse they have many levels of folders and have disallowed
downloading of whole folders which means anyone who wants to download the
many GBs of rare mac software in the archive will have to do so by hand one
by one at a max of 40 kbps...and one would have to sit at the computer as
well because they boot anyone who is marked inactive...*sigh*...and it just
saddens me because there is at least 40GB or so of rare mac stuff on the
server but they make it so hard to get to because they have the belief that
you should only get what you need at the time...but all it takes is for the
owner to get tired of running the server and *poof!* there goes all the many
GBs of rare mac files and they don't seem to care (they do say there are a
couple who did it by hand including one moderator who said that it took many
many months to do...but even so that moderator is hardly ever on and it is
unknown who the other people are or if they even really have access to those
people to get a backup from them when the time comes, if I was given a full
backup of everything on the server I'd gladly give them my phone # to call
me if they needed my backup at any time so I and they would know that I
could restore the files at a moments notice instead of relying on some
somebodies somewhere)...I think people just get full of themselves because
they have files others want and so they let their ego get in their way thus
preventing them from making easy access to the files for the good of keeping
them around

For peet sakes these aren't common day files people! Therfore the more
backups of 'em there are the better!

But perhaps there is hope for getting those mac files...does anyone have
experience coding a hotline client? An idea would be to hack an open source
one to always tell the server the user is active, and to instead of rely on
the server for folder downloading, the client would create the folders and
download the files itself, moving through the folders by sending the
commands to the server that would be sent as if it was a actual user moving
through the folders and files so that the stupid server side restriction
could be bypassed...this would be for the good of the mac community, it
would be a backup and would be availible to anyone who requests the files to
be uploaded at any time, if you have experience coding a hotline client
please help (contacting off list may be most appropiate for this)! :-(

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