ftp archives disappearing?

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On 3/18/07, Teo Zenios <teoz at neo.rr.com> wrote:
> If you want a mirror it would be nice just to ask the owner for a DVD 
> set of the data which takes little time and doesn't hog bandwidth from

> others who just want a few files.
> I ran a private FTP during the later 90's when cable 1st came around 
> in my area. I never cared if people connected and downloaded what was 
> on the site as long as they didn't use software that logged in 
> multiple times to suck down all the bandwidth from the other users, 
> and didn't hammer the site every second to get on when the slots were 
> full. Everybody is different and you need to respect their rules.
My employer lets me host my site of their bandwidth.  I do throttle
downloads at 1.8kbps and limit connections to two from any IP address.

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