ASR33 selector magnet driver card

Stan Barr stanb at
Mon Mar 19 04:14:38 CDT 2007


Ian Primus said:
> > If it's a little black cylinder with a white/grey
> > band at one end, about 
> > 6mm long and 2.5mm in diameter, it might be a
> > 1N4003. That's a very 
> > common rectifier diode in Europe. The last digit
> > encodes the PIV, for 
> > most applications a 1N4007 (the most common one) is
> > fine.
> > 
> It's actually a little blue cylinder (made of glass),
> that has a black band on one end. Should have
> mentioned that before - it looks kinda like a
> germanium diode, but in the schematic they seem to
> have it doing rectifier duty. I've got tons of
> 1N400x's, so I suppose I could try that, it looks like
> it should work, given the circuit. Did they make glass
> rectifiers at one point? (non tube, rectifiers, that
> is...)

I have a number of glass diodes matching that description, 
the bulk of them 1N4149s.  They're described in my data book
as "silicon planar, high-speed switching".  A 1N4007 would
probably do as a substitute.

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