ftp archives disappearing?

Gordon JC Pearce gordon at gjcp.net
Mon Mar 19 14:05:20 CDT 2007

On Sun, 2007-03-18 at 15:06 -0500, Ethan Dicks wrote:
> On 3/18/07, Jim Leonard <trixter at oldskool.org> wrote:
> > Hex Star wrote:
> > > Well I am a teen... :P ...no one has to take me seriously, but if one gave
> > > me a chance they'd see that I'm telling the truth...
> >
> > Being a teen, you will indeed have to work a bit to gain some respect.
> I agree, but it _is_ possible.  I've mentioned numerous time that my
> first classic machine was a PDP-8/L, but I don't always mention that I
> was 16 when I bought it.  I found myself hanging out with college-age
> guys and older as I tried to learn what I could about 12-bit computing
> in an 8-bit hobby scene.

Hexstar - there's a thought, go contribute some code to a classic
computing-related project.  Or, pick some odd obscure but simple machine
and write an emulator from scratch.  This won't automatically earn you
Worshipful Supreme Being status, but it will raise your stock a bit ;-)

A long time ago, I started working on a Sinclair MK14 emulator, written
partly in Pascal, partly in Z80 assembler.  It's long gone now, but
that's life.  A quick google for "sinclair mk14 emulator" turns up a
very old DOS-only one and not a lot else.

Go learn some C, and make something cool for us to play with.


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