Floppy Disk Controller evaluation / characterization

Dave Dunfield dave06a at dunfield.com
Tue Mar 20 14:29:38 CDT 2007

Hi Guys,

I've just posted to my site TESTFDC 1.0, which is a small utility that
will test your floppy controller for single/double density operation at
all data rates available to your drives - including the special case of
MFM with 128 byte sectors (Of all the machines I've got here, only ONE
passes that test!).

This should make it a bit easier to find PC/drive combinations that will
work with ImageDisk.

I've also started a "registry" of mainboards and add-in controllers with
the TESTFDC results - this is posted to the site as well, currently it's
very small and not overly useful (just the hardware I've tested), however
I hope that with your help it may grow to be at least somewhat useful.

If anyone can provide information for hardware not currently listed, that
would be very much appreciated.


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