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Steve Shumaker shumaker at
Wed Mar 21 13:19:48 CDT 2007

That style of keyboard was also used in the "Northgate" 
computers.  They custom designed one of the heaviest keyboards on the 
market and sold it with their Northgate clones in the mid /ate 
80s.  Steel frames, virtually no flex, REAL mechanical keys, 
programmable function sets...   The computers have long since 
disappeared (company folded many years ago) but the keyboards still 
show up occasionally on e-bay.  Called Omnikey and Omnikey 
Ultra..   I'm still using one today.

s shumaker

At 07:21 PM 3/20/2007, you wrote:
>On Mar 21, 2007, at 12:02 AM, Zane H. Healy wrote:
>>>until recently, keyboards were not cheap.  25 years ago, the PC
>>>were about $300
>>Are *GOOD* keyboards cheap?  The keyboard I'm typing this on cost
>>me $160, and the ADB-to-USB converter it's plugged into was
>>probably another $20.
>>For that matter what modern keyboards are worth owning?  At work I
>>use an antique IBM keyboard that was originally on an RS6k 340, and
>>here at home I use a combination of my 16 year old "cheap" AT clone
>>keyboard, an SGI keyboard, various DEC keyboards, an HP Itanium 2
>>Workstation keyboard (on my Sunblade 1000 no less), and the
>>keyboard that came with my PowerMac G5 2x2 is on my work laptop (an
>>IBM ThinkPad).  Personally I toss any modern cheap PC keyboards I
>>get. If it wasn't for the fact I don't have a better keyboard the
>>HP one would be tossed, the Apple USB keyboard at least is not to
>>bad, I just don't like the design.
>>If I pick up a keyboard with the short ends in each hand, and it
>>flexes when I gently twist, it is considered trash, and treated
>   Same here.  The only "good" PS/2-interfaced keyboards I have here
>are a big box of SGI "granite" units, and even they have some flex
>(not much) to them.  At least they have some heft, though.
>   However, one other keyboard does stand out.  A few months ago, I
>picked up an Enermax Aurora keyboard, which has an aluminum chassis
>and the "X"-mechanism keys that are similar to those of higher-end
>laptops like Powerbooks.  I love the keyboard on my Powerbook-G4; I
>can *fly* when I'm typing on I wanted to see if I could
>find a similar keyboard for my desktop machine.  This Enermax is
>definitely that; they key mechanism is very similar to that used on
>the Powerbook.  My typing speed is much better with this keyboard.
>   And the case is made of *METAL*.  Very nice.
>             -Dave
>Dave McGuire
>Port Charlotte, FL

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