Bitsavers subscription

Doc Shipley doc at
Wed Mar 21 15:53:35 CDT 2007

Jay West wrote:
> I credit Guy Sotomayor with the original idea, a few others chimed in as 
> well. So I ran it by Al Kossow and this was officially blessed by him....
> The plan is for me to offer subscriptions to bitsavers for a fee. The 
> idea is that you can sign up for a subscription and pick just the 
> specific directory trees you want, or the entire archive. You are 
> initially sent a complete copy of all the trees you selected (or full 
> archive) on the medium of your choice (CD, DVD, HD, etc.). From that 
> point on - for the subscription fee - you are automatically shipped a 
> set of updates periodically - say every month? - that keeps your own 
> personal bitsavers archive up to date. Perhaps this automated system 
> could also allow purchase of a "one-off" cd/dvd without a subscription 
> containing just the files and/or directories that you tag.

> Of course, if no one is interested, I'll just continue making the 
> occasional trip downtown to the datacenter and burning CD's for people 
> at no charge. It would be nice if there was interest in this though!

   Sign me up.

   I'm a firm believer that nothing's free.  It may not cost *me* 
anything, but somebody has to pay.  I hit bitsavers a time or two a 
month, and couldn't even guess how many hours it's saved me.

   I also am the kind of person that's more likely to pay for something 
that's given freely, if there's a way to do so.


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