Sol terminal in Polular Electronics July 1976

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> From: John S
> Subject: Sol terminal in Practical Electronics July 1976
> for Practical Electronics July 1976. This features a 8080A computer and
> refers to the SOL terminal. Is there any relation between this computer 
> and
> the SOL 20 computer?
Here is how Stan Veit remembers it.

The stripped-down terminal version Lee (Felsenstein) designed for the 
magazine article had a personality module, but only had limited RAM memory. 
It was still more intelligent than most "glass teletypes," so it was called 
The SOL Intelligent Terminal.

The full version was to come in two styles. The less expensive one had a 
simple keyboard and only one slot for expansion. It was called The SOL-10, 
and very few were ever built. The second model was a complete computer with 
an excellent keyboard and a card cage with five slots. It was called The 
SOL-20, and provided enough memory for general computer applications.

When the prototype was complete, the Processor Technology crew headed for 
New York City to demonstrate it to Les Solomon. The machine had been named 
The SOL, in his honor.

When Bob Marsh revealed the name to me, I called Les and joked, "They're 
naming the new machine after you - The LES Intelligent Terminal!"

Michael Holley

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