simple question about turning off/on a regulator.

jpero at jpero at
Fri Mar 23 16:13:13 CDT 2007

Fixing FE1250 Nec (actually two!), 22" monitor monsters.

Have the bulletin on fix these problems and problem is that I cannot 
get this part easily here.  Switchable off and on adjustable 
regulator set for 3.3V in 5 pin SMD flat pack with heatsink tab.

The part number PQ20WZ51, marker: Sharp.

I can make a 3.3V regulator but best way to switch it off or on (fet 
or transistor with low gate/base current?  Data sheet for this 
regulator is available had to dig inside sharp semiconductor area 
even with google didn't find to find out what I need to rig the power 
control side.

Cheers, Wizard

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