Xebec Winchester controller

jd onymouse at garlic.com
Fri Mar 23 08:01:05 CDT 2007

biblewitness.org.uk wrote:
> jd wrote:
>> HP's number for this OEM board--by MSC/Xebec is 88134-69910, 09135-69515, 
>> and/or 09135-69501. I have no idea which number belongs to mine.
> FYI: These are all used on 5Mb drives with two sets of firmware classified as follows:
> 88134-69910 'L' Code - HP250 Model 20 
> 09135-69515 'D' Code - 4-Volume 5-Mb (emulates HP 9895A drives - I use this for my 9845B and HP-85 & 87 systems)
> 09135-69501 'L' Code - single volume 5-Mb.
> Martin
> Web: http://www.biblewitness.org/technical
Thanks. That's useful.

Now if only I knew what the Xebec part numbers were for the HP

I have four different sets of Xebec firmware. Two of the sets have the
"D" or "L" formats, selectable by jumper.
One of those two also works with 10Mb disks but will only format the
10Mb as 5Mb or the 4-volume "D" format.

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