One answer to "Wot duzzit do?" - OS/8 Adventure V2.0.

Lyle Bickley lbickley at
Sun Mar 25 21:39:12 CDT 2007

On Saturday 24 March 2007 20:28, Rick Murphy wrote:
> In what is the longest time *I* am aware of between Version 1.0 and
> Version 2.0 of a program (1979-2007), I'm happy to announce an updated
> version (2.0) of Adventure for your OS/8 system.
> (OK, I could have delayed this a couple of years and made it 30 years
> between releases..)
> Thanks to a list member that supplied me with the DECUS sources and Bob
> Supnik's RT-11 Adventure source, as well as a few helpful OS/8 FORTRAN
> libraries on the Internet, I've managed to not only recover the program
> source, but also make several improvements in the way it works.
> Unfortunately, it's still a memory hog that needs 32KW to run.
> I'm making source and binary floppies in SIMH-format, a zip file with
> all sources, and a web page with the individual source files available.
> has pointers to the SIMH
> floppy images, sources, etc.

Thanks! It'll make my PDP-8/e (and me) a happy camper...

The first time I played "Adventure" was on a PDP-11/70 in the mid seventies. 
IIRC, it took me over 300 hours to complete the first time. I must've been a 
slow learner...


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